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Pak Navy Says It Blocked and Deleted Indian Submarine Invasion

In an unprecedented development, Pakistan Navy has detected and blocked an Indian military submarine from entering Pakistani waters. In an...

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25 dead in India’s floods and landslides

25 people have died in landslides and floods caused by heavy rainfalls in southwestern India. The rescue team flew with...

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Cricket world stands desolate by Dhoni’s retirement

Indian cricketing great MS Dhoni has retired from international cricket. The news broke over the sporting world like a thunderstorm,...

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India starts diplomatic row with Pakistan

On Tuesday, India asked Pakistan to cut the size of its diplomatic staff in India by half within seven days...

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China Brings the “Brave Indian Forces” to Their Knees

By Adeel Ahmed/FahmidaYousfi THIS time, there were no claims of surgical strikes from the propagandist, hate-filled India. Nor did a...

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Balochistan Insurgency and Pakistan’s Efforts for Peace

THE Balochistan Insurgency is a permanent armed and separatist struggle between Baloch rebels and the Pakistani government, entangling Pakistan in...

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India’s 15-player World Cup squad announced

The Board for Cricket Control in India (BCCI) have announced 15-member squad for the upcoming World Cup slated to start...

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MS Dhoni faces fine for confronting IPL umpires

According to sources, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s reaction against a controversial umpiring decision led to him being fined 50 percent of...

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Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor responds to India’s “irrefutable evidence” of shooting down F-16

US officials had recently told Foreign Policy magazine that Pakistan’s F-16 had not been shot down by the Indian forces,...

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US officials disprove India’s claim of shooting down Pakistan’s F-16

India claimed to have shot down Pakistan’s F-16 on February 27 during an aerial battle between the two countries after...