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A full-court bench: Key to ending the current deadlock

ISLAMABAD was a sight of mayhem on Monday: Hordes of stick-wielding men laid siege to the city’s Red Zone, one...

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SC’s Fresh Intervention

A five-member Supreme Court panel began hearing suo motu cases on Monday in what can best be described as a...

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SC’s Overreach

The Supreme Court, it appears, is under immense pressure from the relentless tirades of former prime minister Imran Khan at...

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Constitution Wins

This is the most that could have been expected from the highest court of the country. The Supreme Court has...

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No Pakistani Court or Tribal Jirga Can Override Islamic Law of Inheritance Distribution: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court said that the Islamic Law of Inheritance and distribution of property cannot be altered by any judiciary...

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Nasla Tower Demolition: An Impulsive Act?

WHEN the writ of the law appears to be enforced selectively while some wrongdoers ignore the Supreme Court’s verdicts with...

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Apex court grants govt 90 days to rectify NAB law

The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave the federal government three months to decide on Section 25(a) of the National Accountability...

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Court warns sugar mills to pay farmers till Friday

The Supreme Court has warned sugar mills owners to deposit the money they have to pay to farmers till Friday....

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Supreme Court directs authorities to continue with anti-encroachment operations in Karachi

KARACHI: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday directed all the relevant authorities to cooperate and continue the operation against encroachment...

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SC absolves Aasia Bibi’s blasphemy charges, permits traveling

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Wednesday maintained that Aasia Bibi has the right to travel anywhere after the Supreme Court...