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Abu Dhabi launches Dhs 1bn mega hub to boost tech start-ups

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi government has just launched a Dh1 billion mega hub that seeks to accelerate the local economy by...

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Internet and technology giants to be taxed on digital sales globally

PARIS: France will introduce a bill Wednesday to tax internet and technology giants on their digital sales, and thus curb...

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Evading marital satisfaction with evolving technology

Technology is an amazing thing. It allows you to stay connected to people miles away, form great friendships with people...

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Doctors performs world’s first 5G operation

BARCELONA: Next-generation wireless technology is taking the medical world a step closer to robots performing remotely-controlled surgery, a doctor in...

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Common myths about technology busted

Seems like every time technology evolves and blows our minds, some naysayer comes along to warn about an innovation’s dangers....

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Governor SBP: Harnessing technology platforms is the way forward for enhancing agricultural productivity

“I would urge the stakeholders including banks, federal and provincial governments to harness technology platforms for enhancing agricultural productivity”, said...

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8 useful gadgets to get your hands on in 2019

With the advancement of technology, new devices are introduced every now and then. Plenty high-end brands recently displayed some of...

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Scientists generate power through Wi-Fi devices, raising prospect of phones without batteries

Imagine a world where smartphones, laptops, wearables, and other electronics are powered without batteries. Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have...

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Power theft to be detected through pilot project mobile phones

ISLAMABAD: As the use of digital technology and artificial intelligence grows by the day, a mobile company has launched a...

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History and future of e-commerce in Pakistan

This article is the start of a series which will aim to provide the reader with an understanding of the...