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Ways women can boost their heart’s health

Here’s how you can boost your heart’s health and live a healthy life. 1. Tame Your Stress Research conducted at...


2018: A win-win for women

2018 started with small but significant attempts at breaking down taboos and calling out misogyny, with efforts turning up a...

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9 Facts About Violence Against Women

The statistics on women who suffer domestic abuse and sexual assault are heartbreaking. And everyone should know about them.

men and women why they be so dif

Men and women – Why They Be So Different?

Sometimes one can’t help but wonder whether men and women are really from the same planet. Mind you, we’re not...

Aurtoon ko job nhi krna chahye Oriya Mqbool Jan gives logical views 389x226

Women Should Not Do Jobs, says Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan said women should stay home and look after children and family.

Air Hostess Job For Girls Halal or Haram By Maulana Tariq Jameel 389x288

A Message For Working Women

An important message by Maulana Tariq Jameel.

What women find attractive in men

Women Find Attractive In Men

Luckily for you, many scientists have wondered what women want. And they’ve done studies to figure it out.

Women being harassed dragged scared molested at PTI Rally Lahore

Women Being Harassed, Dragged, Scared, Molested at PTI Rally, Lahore

It was shocking to see videos of PTI Lahore Jalsa where women were harassed/mishandled. PTI officials should take strict notice of these...

How Indians Treat Women Cruel Harassment Video Caught In Holi

India: Cruel Women Harassment Video Caught

This is how Indians treat women, Cruel Harassment Video Caught In Holi

Muslim Women Train to Take on Attackers

Muslim Women Train to Take on Attackers

Hate crimes against Muslims have reached unprecedented levels. These women are taking their safety into their own hands.