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Digital Youth Summit 2021 Kicks off on November 13


The youth-oriented tech conference, Digital Youth Summit 2021, is set to begin on the 13th of November at PC Hotel, Peshawar. The conference takes place every year in the city and ever since its inception, DYS has been a prominent tech conference that focuses on strengthening and educating technology-based entrepreneurship with first-class speakers as the guide. This year, the panel includes GM digital Media Wing, Imran Ghazali, Sector Specialist, Science & Technology KP, Nadia Khan, Managing Director at Windsor Place Consulting, Scott W Minehane, and more. The speakers will be speaking on important topics such as tech sectors and their corporate roles.

The two-day event will comprise the talks, activities, and workshops that are aimed at enhancing the digital landscape of Pakistan. The registration for the conference is now open and everyone especially the youth is welcome to be a part of this empowering session.

The workshops have a motive to unlock the potential of people individually as well as in groups to help shape their future and use technology to the best of their capabilities. Moreover, the stalls at DYS are the opportunity for networking and connecting with the business leaders.

Don’t you think more conferences like this should take place for the youth of our country?


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