Evolution of E-commerce in Pakistan

Evolution of E-commerce in Pakistan


Pakistan’s ecommerce industry has flourished since the digital revolution first started in 2001, with a large number of online services becoming available. Even traditional brands in the fashion industry have started building E-commerce teams and developing online platforms.

The industry initially began with one payment method i.e. cash on delivery because of reluctance that people showed towards making prepayments. With time,new methods such as mobile payments was introduced to provide shopaholics with other mode of payments for best online shopping experience locally. The telecommunication sector took the lead in October 2009 when “Easypaisa Mobile Account Service” was launched by Telenor which allowed the users to pay bills and transfer money both nationally and internationally. This trend completely revolutionized the trading behavior and a shift in people putting their trust in online payments was seen.

The e-commerce industry of Pakistan is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2020 which makes it evident that mobile commerce is surging. The significance of this opportunity is immense for online retail enterprises whose business goal revolves around bringing ease and comfort to customers during their purchase cycle. More and more companies have started launching their apps to achieve this goal. Here is a list of e-commerce companies in Pakistan and their journey.


Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia and has been actively driving change in Pakistani commerce by working towards financial inclusivity. Through strategic partnerships with banks Daraz has been able to propel the shift towards digital payments in the country. Recently, the platform launched Easy Monthly Installments to make shopping more affordable and to drive financial inclusivity in Pakistan. Earlier, the Daraz Wallet was launched to simplify the check-out and refunds process on the app. So far, 550,000 wallets have been activated. Daraz is currently celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of its personalized app. Over the year, the platform has made tremendous strides with its assortment growing from 1 million to 7 million products. During that time, DarazMall has evolved into the country’s only shoppertainment platform, offering customers a holistic experience in-app gamification and features such as Shake Shake. Daraz has maintained partnerships with 400 leading brands such as Unilever, L’Oreal, Reckit-Benckiser and Samsung all of which have official stores on the app, offering customers authentic products.


is one of the oldest player in the e-commerce industry as the company has been in the race for a very long time now. It has around 886,670 views per month. The company needs a strong marketing strategy and brand promotion to compete with new e-commerce companies entering the market with their latest technology. In order to match competition in the market the company also has an application with an intuitive interface, and products categories, HomeShopping app a good status in last mile e-commerce. With some more efforts, they surely can come close to the leading e-commerce giant Daraz and work towards the betterment of industry.


This e-commerce player is a revamp of TCS Connect and since its formation it has shown rapid improvement in its operations because of its strong marketing efforts. The online retailer gets 466,670 views per month on average. The company’s modern design shows that it has one of the highest user engagements in the industry. The app maintains a large inventory of products, carefully divided into different categories to make it easier for people to shop.


This e-commerce business has been in the industry for many years now. It is famous for its Chinese gadgets and accessories even though it has a comparatively decent assortment of products. It has around 570,000 views per month. As marketing is not bringing in a lot of users, social media, on the other hand, brings a decent amount of users to the website.  Although the website is working well, but the fact that they still don’t have a mobile app cannot be ignored. Due to this fact they are lacking behind in this mobile friendly e-commerce market.


Shophive is another oldest e-commerce store in the country. The retailer gets 483,330 different visitors per month. Around three-quarters of its traffic come from organic search items. The retailer sells online gadgets which may be sold by other online platforms as well but the website layouts enable ShopHive to stand out in the game. ShopHive also does not have a mobile app. Once they develop that, they surely have potential to meet the competition in the market


The e-commerce market is evolving with time and aims to keep on evolving. The provision of web-integrated applications to customers in the first step to get more visitors and with marketing and collectible vouchers number of purchases can also be increased. The pioneer of e-commerce strives to provide best in class services and offers for a holistic experience to its customers.

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