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Get Yourself the Best Phone for Just PKR 40,000


Buying a new phone can be a tricky task at times. Not only do you need to look at the price, but what
specifications smartphone projects. With dozens of smartphones arriving in the market, deciding which to buy
can be difficult. Be it the camera, or processor, or how fast the mobile charges, you need to buy the device
that is best suited to your taste and style. The following descriptions shall help you better understand these
details and choose the best-suited phone for you.

So here is a short analysis of realme 8, Xiaomi POCO X3, Samsung A32, Infinix Zero 8, Oppo F19, and Vivo Y51
S, all under the budget of PKR 40,000/-.

1. Processor
The processor comes as the most important part when it comes to smartphones. The chipset used defines the
overall performance of your phone and how well can it support other features of that device. Among the
recent devices launched under the 40K price segment, realme 8 seems to be the best so far. No doubt about
the Snapdragon 732G and Helio G90T processors used by Poco X3 and Infinix Zero 8, respectively, but realme
8 takes the lead here with its MediaTek Helio G95 processor with a 12nm process, making it more efficient and
powerful. This is the fastest gaming processor from MediaTek so far and realme is crowned to be the first
device with it globally. Compared to this, Samsung A32 comes with Helio G80, Oppo F19 with Snapdragon 662
chipset, and Vivo Y51s with Snapdragon 662.

2. Camera
The camera is as much of an important feature these days as the smartphone itself, especially among the
youth. The phones mentioned above all come with ultra-clear photography cameras but some differences set
them apart. Xiaomi POCO X3, Samsung A32, realme 8, and Infinix Zero 8 come with a 64MP Camera. Whereas,
Oppo F19 and Vivo Y51s support a 48MP camera. No doubt that all these phones come with amazingly clear
cameras, realme stands out here too with its additional photography functions. The most outstanding features
of the realme 8 camera include the Super Nightscape, Panoramic view, Time-lapse, Chroma Boost, Bokeh
Effect Control, Starry Mode, Tilt-shift, Neon Portrait, and Dynamic Bokeh. These features make realme 8 lead
in the camera category as well.

3. Charging and battery capacity
Leaving for work and phone out of battery? this ends the day’s mood for most of us. But if your phone has a
fast charger and a good battery capacity then you are all set.
 Xiaomi POCO X3 comes with a 33W fast charge and 5160mAh Battery
 Samsung A32 supports a 15W charging with a 5000mAh battery
 Infinix Zero 8 supports 33W charging with a 4500mAh battery
 Oppo F19 supports a 33W charge and a 5000mAh battery
 Vivo Y51s has 15W charge and 5000mAh battery, and
 realme 8 comes with a 30W Dart charge and 5000mAh Battery
The charging technology and battery capacity for each phone are great but the 30W above charging phones do
stand out because of how much time they’ll save off your day with the super-fast charge. However, realme 8
leads here with an advanced Copper Liquid Cooling System. This supports a Carbon Fiber Cooling System
increasing the cooling efficiency by 14.4%, keeping the phone&39;s performance up to speed.

4. Design
The body design is the first thing a customer sees and gets inspired with when looking for a new phone. The
above-mentioned phones come with pretty outlooks and designs that attract the audience. Some go for a
simple sleek look like the Samsung A32 or a bold design portraying the trendy bold youth, like realme 8. Other
phones come with an upgraded design from previous generations, no doubt looking great in their own space.
realme 8 brings a bold and dreamy design that combines hip, street elements are known as the Infinite Bold
Design. The brands persist in Trendsetting Designs to break conventional aesthetics and bring trendsetting
aesthetics design. The phone comes in two colors, Cyber Silver and Cyber Black, and is super slim and light
weighing only 177g and 7.99mm thick. Whereas Xiaomi POCO X3 weighs 225 g, Samsung A32 weighs 184 g,
Infinix Zero 8 a 205 g, Oppo F19 a 175g, and Vivo Y51s weighs 190 g. Moreover, with a 7.99mm width, realme
8 comes as the ‘thinnest phone with a 5000mAh battery in this price segment.

5. Display
The second important part of the phone that a user checks even before any specifications is the body design.
The screen size and the display quality matter a lot when choosing a phone especially when you love watching

films and playing games. The most used screen types are the IPS panel and the AMOLED display. AMOLED is
much better in terms of pixel rate and display quality when it comes to smartphones.
Xiaomi POCO X3, Infinix Zero 8, and Vivo Y51s use an IPS display with a 6.67” with a 120Hz refresh rate, 6.85”
screen with 90Hz refresh rate, and a 6.6” display with 90Hz refresh rate, respectively. Whereas, Oppo F19
support AMOLED display with 6.4” screen size. On the other hand, Samsung A32 and realme 8 both support
Super AMOLED displays with a 6.4” big screen, a neck-to-neck competition in this category. But once again
realme 8 leads with a 180Hz refresh rate, whereas A32 supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

6. Storage Capacity
All specifications are overlooked if the phone does not have a good storage capacity. For this, dozens of
phones have been produced with generous space in Pakistan. Between phones under discussion, Xiaomi POCO
X3 comes with the lowest storage of 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Samsung A32, Oppo F19 comes with 6GB RAM
& 128GB ROM, whereas, realme 8, Infinix Zero 8, and Vivo Y51s come with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. These
are actually good storage capacities to cater to your gaming, videos, and thousands of pictures.

Considering all specs mentioned above, the realme 8 seems like the best gaming phone, with an ultra-clear
camera, expert camera features, and the chicest, handiest body. The phone is a feast for gaming enthusiasts
but for anyone looking for a good quality phone with flagship features in PKR 40,000, the realme 8 comes as
the best option.

So hurry up and buy your favorite phone keeping in mind the above specifications.

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