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Moment of Pride: Pakistan Becomes Smartphone Exporter


‘Manufactured in Pakistan’

This label is finally going to be tagged on smartphones as Pakistan has become the smartphone exporter. The first consignment of 5,500 4G mobile devices was manufactured by Inovi Telecom. By exporting them to the United Arab Emirates, the Pakistani mobile manufacturing industry has achieved a milestone.

The local manufacturers have stressed the importance and the need for an export supportive policy that will assist Pakistan in giving tough competition to its competitors based in the Middle East.

Inovi Telecom has confirmed that mobile devices were manufactured in April and the first fourth export shipment was completed in the span of four months. Chief Executive Zeeshan Mian Noor has said that their target was to tap the low-end market inclusive of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. He added the Chinese brands are also being manufactured and a huge number of expat workers are present in Gulf countries.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has congratulated Inovi Telecom on this achievement and said applauded their efforts. He said that these are concerted efforts for the development of the mobile device manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

This is a moment of pride for the country; do you think it will help our economy grow?

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