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The World Faces Undeclared Warfare In Form Of Cyber-Attacks


Authorities in Pakistan confirmed the news that many government departments came under a barrage of cyber-attacks recently, which were later confirmed to have been conducted by neighboring India. The attacks included the hacking of Mobile Phones as well as e-mail accounts of senior government officials.

This is no longer breaking news; this has become the norm of continued undeclared warfare between rivals in the world, financial or military. The power of the unseen cyber world rocked the US elections four years ago, causing billions of dollars’ worth of losses to many major conglomerates.

AMSAT has been warning about the scope and sophistication of these attacks for years, so we are not surprised,” said Col (R) Adeel Kazi, General Manager at AMSAT. “We are ready to assist all government and non-government entities in securing their critical infrastructure and information.”

“Pakistan needs to wake up to these threats very quickly and respond in a deliberative, long-term, and structured way. The problem won’t certainly be fixed overnight; it needs a sustained effort, so the sooner we start, the faster we get to the end goal: to achieve a secure and stable digital environment in Pakistan,” he added.

AMSAT’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and efficient systems and processes help organizations defend against present and future threats, which can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The AMSAT team includes some of the leading security practitioners in a broad set of cybersecurity capabilities in areas of application and network security, analysis, pro-active, legal, reactive, and forensic services.

MSAT also provides the largest and most capable security operations center in Pakistan where cybersecurity experts are monitoring events 24/7, helping organizations implement robust, consistent, and reliable cybersecurity practices. Its solutions are ideally suited for medium and large enterprises, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement, and sensitive organizations.

AMSAT also provides access to the best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions covering areas of End Points, Data Flow Analysis and Anomaly Detection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Application and Network Firewalls, Wireless Security, Cloud Security, Penetration Testing, SWAT/Tiger and Forensic Teams.

For more information, contact AMSAT on [email protected].

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