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Technology is as essential as breathing now.

it has led the IT sector to expand its reach and has grown exponentially in the past ten years. Pakistan produces almost 20,000 IT graduates every year specialized in the field of engineering. The growing number of individuals planning to pursue a career in the respective field has led to the growth of both IT companies and software houses.

The industry in regard to freelancing offers people to earn good money with the required skillset. However, with the fast-paced IT world, the skill set must be enhanced now, followed by an object to carve a niche in the job market.

If you are a graduate in Pakistan, and you are looking for options to start your career, we will suggest a list of top software houses that will add to your profile and skills.

Top Software Houses in Karachi, Pakistan

1.   Arpatech Pvt Ltd

Arpatech is a software house that has won the third slot in the fastest growing software solutions providers of Pakistan. Founded in 2003, the company has a global presence with offices in the UAE, UK, USA, and Pakistan.

Arpatech has a workforce of over 250 employees who have helped the company grow exponentially and achieve big milestones in a span of 18 years. The company specializes in SEO, web applications, e-commerce solutions, software development, mobile-based solutions, digital marketing, and more.

Arpatech takes pride in initiating various ventures and products such as Rava, EatOye, Med Online, Forrun, TazaMart and Jambo.

2.   Folio 3

Folio 3 has been in the business for about 15 years. It is was founded in 2005 and has its headquarters in Belmont, California. They are specialized in providing top digital solutions to small businesses, startups, and full-fledged enterprises. Their clients include some of the big Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley startups.

The software house is proficient at providing technical services such as mobile apps, website and web-based apps, social media platforms and application development, mobile and game development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, SaaS solutions, business intelligence, and more. The company size is about 200 to 500 employees.

3.   Gaditek

Gaditek was founded in 2008. Starting from 7 people, they are now the most reliable and excellent tech company with a huge global reach. They wield considerable cloud ob both local and international levels.

With the technological advancement, the company has a strong presence in 7 industries and has customers in more than 150 countries. its specialties include gaming, online store, retail, cloud, security, and more. Currently, the company has a team of 600 people in Karachi.

4.   Netsol Technologies

Netsol Technologies is based in Lahore and with over forty years of experience, the company has kept up with the fast-moving world and evolved from time to time. They are adaptive to change and have been providing software technology services to the best asset finance and leasing companies.

The company is known for its famous project in 2015 called NSPIRE. It is also among the list of top IT exporters by PSEB in 2016 and has won Teradata National IT Excellence Awards. Its worldwide offices have more than 2000 employees.

5.   Systems Limited

We all are too familiar with Systems Limited. Working from Karachi and Lahore, Systems Limited is an eminent software house in Pakistan. It was founded back in the 1970s and by the ’90s it started to progress and make its existence a strong name in the industry.

The software house caters to not only local but a diverse list of international clients as well. With their expansion in UK, UAE, Europe, USA, and Pakistan, their workforce consists of more than 2500 experts.

The company’s high-quality solutions have led it to win the name in Fortune 500 with the list of other big names of entrepreneurs and businesses.

6.   Venture Dive

Venture Dive is recognized as a tech solution provider all across the globe. It was founded in 2012. In 2019, the company was awarded as one of the top IT companies in Pakistan. Located in Karachi and Lahore, their area of expertise includes product design, web development, quality assurance, and mobile app development.

The company rules in multiple industries such as financial services, healthcare, mobility and logistics, and on-demand services. One of their famous clients is Careem, the cab and delivery service provider. The company size is about 200 to 500 employees and growing.

7.     10Pearls

Located in Karachi, 10Pearls is one of the famous software houses in Pakistan. it was founded in 2004. With strong footprints in the country, this software house has established its name in the UAE, Canada, and the USA. The company boasts highly qualified and experienced professionals, and enjoys an excellent employee retention rate.

10Pearls is known as the Inc.5000 list of the fastest-growing software houses in the USA. Their services have a broad aspect from mobile applications to websites and game designs. Their entire focus is on the international clientele and delivers quality results.


These names have significantly changed the dynamics of software houses in Pakistan. These are the companies that have fulfilled the dreams of people and have given them the opportunity for immense career growth. We hope that with the help of this list, you will be able to choose the best option for yourself and succeed in the IT industry.

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