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What You Should Know about Google Play Changes


Google has made big changes in Android’s working method. These changes are not obvious to the users but they make an impact on how the app works. Every Google mobile operating system must know and understand these processes to be aware of what’s happening.

The developers of new Android apps will be changing how the apps are packed together and published on the Google Play Store. This will be starting from August 2021. Instead of the conventional package, APK (Android application package) that the app has been using for years, the software developers have come up with a new package known as AAB (Android app bundle) format.

The details of these packages are quite technical and understandable by a developer only. However, the essential reason for its switch is that many large numbers of devices are runs on Android and the packing can affect them.

With the help of the Google Play Store, Google splits the main app bundle into a sequence of APKs that are specified to every device. Google says that the new APKs are 15% smaller than before.

AAB only helps in the parts of the app that are needed for the device. For example, on any phone or tablet you use, you do not need bugger graphics for the tablet screen. This helps the app to be smaller and lighter in weight.




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