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Lahore, 25 February 2021: Musab School, a leading educational institute providing quality education in Lahore, held a ceremony in honour of Mr. Azaz ur Rehman Nasir for securing admission into the prestigious undergraduate program with an annual scholarship amounting to US$ 77658, at the NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus .

Expressing his gratitude, the star of the day Azaz Ur Rehman thanked his teachers, school management, and his parents for being the driving force behind the splendid achievement.

At the occasion, the Principal of Musab School System, Muhammad Ishaq presented the student and his parents with commemorative paraphernalia and congratulated the audience and reiterated Musab’s mission of providing high quality holistic education to students.

The simple yet graceful ceremony, attended by the school management, teachers, students, and the family members ended with a note of thanks from the parents, who showered profuse praise to the school for nurturing the talent and ensuring apropos college placements.

Courtesy: Musab School

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