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mandi tour

Karachi Maweshi Mandi Sohrab Goth 2021 | JBH | Rava Team

Top 3 Mandi Experts by Rava Team share their experiences! The struggle to get perfect cattle/cow for qurbani 2021! Video Credits: https://rava.pk/​​

  • 2 months ago

Hareem Shah ki Shaadi | Asal Majra Kya Hai ?

Dulha Hai Kon??? Mashoor Tiktoker Hareem Shah Ki Shaadi Ka Mamla Abtak Hal Na Hosaka Video Credits: https://rava.pk/​​

  • 3 months ago
Kamyabi Tum Se Hai

Scientist Nahin Dr Banna Chahta Hoon | Coverage By Our Reporter Muhammad Umar!

5th Grade Muhammed Umer working at a small food cart selling Thanda Shakargola at Abdullah Chapal Kabab to fulfill his dream of being a Doctor. When asked by Rava Reporter about his future plans, Umer stated: "Scientist Nahi Dr Ban Na Chahta Hoon"

  • 3 months ago
abdulhadi books

In the age of many diversions, Abdul Hadi still keeps the love for books alive

Book reading in this day and age has become a rare phenomenon—thanks mainly to many diversions such as the internet, the mobile phone, and online entertainment. But one man in Karachi still keeps the love for books alive!

  • 3 months ago
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